SEGA Slots


A slot machine game with the official SEGA license


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Just as its name suggests, SEGA Slots is a slot machine game with an official SEGA license. Play slots inspired by sagas such as Shinobi, Sonic, Golden Axe, and Samba de Amigo.

SEGA Slots' gameplay hardly needs a description, just press a button to make the wheel spin, and that's it! The rest consists of watching the wheels spin endlessly and winning prizes (...or not). The more you play, the more prizes you win, and more prizes means reaching higher and higher levels.

As you level up in SEGA Slots, you can unlock new machines. Initially there's only one available, but as you keep playing there's up to half a dozen different machines, each one from a popular SEGA franchise.

Being a slot machine game, by definition SEGA Slots should be entertaining and addictive, and it definitely lives up to expectations. Plus, it has the additional incentive of playing with Sonic, Shinobi, and other SEGA characters.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher